Mature or Premature Aging

Sadly we can’t stop the clock; as we grow older so does our skin, and unfortunately the part of us that ages the fastest tends to be the face. We can’t stop our skin ageing, but there is a great deal that we can do to slow down the process and reduce its effects, especially if we wish to avoid premature aging, in other words looking older that we really are.


We are what we eat

The way to deal with ageing involves two approaches, internal and external. The first of these is internal and involves out diet. Things that are good for the skin include fruits, particularly fruits such as blueberries and strawberries which contain high levels of anti-oxidants and vitamins. It is also believed that vitamins A, C, B3 and E are beneficial, so you could benefit from a multivitamin supplement especially if your diet isn’t as good as it could be.

Free radicals are particularly bad for the skin and can cause serious problems, Fatty diets encourage free radicals and need to be counteracted by foods that are rich in antioxidants.


Too much sun ages the skin

Too much exposure to the sun can severely damage the skin and is one of the major causes of wrinkles. Sun affects both the surface of the skin and the collagen and elastin fibres that make up the underlying structure; the process is called photoaging. We all need a certain amount of sun exposure in order to produce sufficient vitamin D, but it is important to limit it and to use a sunscreen and sunglasses.

It isn’t only the sun that can age your face; the wind and cold weather can too. They can both cause your skin to dry out which encourages wrinkles.



You can always tell someone who smokes from the appearance of their skin; smoking makes the skin look more wrinkled and generally older. The reason for this is that smoking constrict the capillaries which can starve the skin of nutrients, particularly the collagen and elastin.

The bad news is that even if you don’t smoke yourself, secondary smoking can also have an adverse effect on your skin.


Skin care

As well as living a healthy life style, eating the right things and avoiding too much sun, we can do a great deal to keep our skin by using the right products.

For instance we should also avoid products such as soaps that remove the natural oils and dry out the skin; we shouldn’t go out in the wind and the cold without using a moisturiser; and we should use skin cream that contains retinoids, and in particular vitamin A.

One of the major benefits of vitamin A is that it can slow down the aging process and by protect the skin against the ageing effects of the sun. It can even help prevent skin cancer.

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